Take a look at this chart. It appeared in Fortune Magazine just a few weeks ago.

As you can see, this new asset class grew from less than $10 billion to $150 billion the past 12 months…And it’s only going to get bigger and bigger!Now I must warn you to read this presentation right now till the very end, because if you do not, and come back tomorrow I cannot guarantee that it will be available to you for free then.

Did you know, if you bought $1000 of Google in 2004 at its initial public offering, then it would be worth $1,575,000 today?

Or if you had invested $1000 worth of shares in Microsoft in 1985 it would be worth $7,974,720.00 by now?

Now I could go on and on forever, but you get my point.

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It’s important to know what to put your money in and at what time.Because had you put in $1 in the right place just a few years ago, you just might be a multi-millionaire by now…But hindsight is always 20/20 and the tech boom of the 90s is now well and truly over…

The good news is that this opportunity is here once again, and it’s currently something that is still in its infancy and it’s 100,000 times bigger than the tech boom of the 90s…

Much, much bigger!

I am not exaggerating.

In fact, cryptocurrency represents the single biggest investment opportunity since the beginning of human civilization.

The reason why it’s 100,000 times bigger than the tech boom is because it’s not just limited to American tech companies.

This time the boom is completely global and governments worldwide have officially begun recognizing and adapting to them too.

Everything that made the tech boom so exciting for investors in the 90’s where old technologies were being replaced with the new…

When entire markets and sectors were completely being revamped from the bottom up…

Well it’s happening once again. Don’t miss out on this!

In fact, when this happens, this phenomenon is known in the academic field as an “Economic Disruption”.

This is when one product makes an older one obsolete, it sends a shockwave through the market.

And when entire INDUSTRIES are being disrupted, all at once – it’s an earthquake that leaves nothing the way it was.

Think about Amazon.

They started out in one small niche – selling books – and once they made bookstores obsolete, they branched out, taking over online delivery, every product under the sun. Even groceries!

That’s what cryptocurrency represents.

But much, much bigger.

Right now, you probably don’t know what I am talking about, and it might be hard to believe.

I mean after all, with people experiencing these kind of crazy numbers, wouldn’t everyone be talking about it?

And when I mean crazy numbers I mean:

• 585% PROFIT in 31 days…

• 156% PROFIT in 8 days…

• 1,245% PROFIT in 6 weeks

• 3,477% PROFIT in just over 3 weeks…

• 4,734% PROFIT in 4 months…

In my 25+ years of experience as an Economics and Finance professor, I can tell you this…

With any big new trend, it all comes down to one thing: timing.

Now I want you to look at this chart.

This is a chart that maps the predictable pattern of consumer mass adoption of new technology and was first observed by American theorist Everett Rogers in 1962.

First, only the Innovators adopt a trend.

Then the Early Adopters jump on board – the folks who are quick enough to buy in at the earliest possible time.

It’s often the Early Adopters who get rich from a new trend.

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