1. Hey, Alan!

    Derek here, from SOS Nation.

    Just wondering if you personally ever tried this product?
    If so, what is the main thing you would say you truly enjoyed about using it, besides the obvious effect it promises?

    And if you haven’t tried it yet, what is holding you back from committing to the program?

    Thanks for the direct-to-the-point style article!!
    It’s a welcome change from the ones that take a whole day to read haha.

    -Derek R.

    1. Hi Derek,
      Thanks for commenting I have gotten traffic from one link ninja. I have gotten traffic it from facebook , twitter
      What I like about it is its real real simple to use. you just submit your link and wait pretty much.

      At first it was kind of slow so I sent them an email to see what was going on and they responded fairly quick.
      Then after that I got more traffic.
      I am not going to say thousands and thousands of traffic that would be lying. I have gotten some.

      There is actually something better I am testing it out right now, I will be posting it soon on my page.

      Thanks once again hope this helped some,

      1. I appreciate the timely response!
        I am a skeptic in the sense of trusting a “Done-For-You” style system. TrafficZion really left a bad impression on me, between misrepresentation and then vulgar customer service from it’s creator…
        But I digress.
        I have dug my heals in on a program the last couple of days… sometimes it’s best just to bite the bullet and try something once more. I, too, will be posting my first ever hands-on experience with it when I get enough data together!

        Talk soon!

        1. Yeah I know what you mean Derek< I have tried many different strategies some worked some didn't. From traffic exchanges, to lifetime traffic for hits I found those to be fake it got me traffic but no one was purchasing anything , I think they just used a fake traffic bot and charged me for it lol. Than I ran across a product that I bought called auto bizz which introduced me to bitcoin and made like a website page I guess you can call it. This one works out good because I run traffic to it the website page they made me. I use Jingling to run traffic to the website they created for me. Jingling is not a real traffic bot it runs fake traffic but its good for getting credits for traffic sites so you can send credit mails or put banners. The way auto bizz works is you sign up for different traffic sites that use points or credits so that you can promote your banners or text ads. So I used jingling traffic bot to send myself fake traffic to my website autobizz created and that gets me alot of credits so I can promote my links or text ads or banners on the sites I signed up for. Now I am doing the safelist thing and I get bombarded with emails dialy to many actually haha but theres a bot I use to read the emails that way I get credits. With this bot you run it on your computer and it opens the emails, clicks through them and earns you credits with those credits you can use them on safelist sites. This one I really like. Here is the link if interested: http://bit.ly/Fast-Traffic-Bot

          I also got traffic zion myself as well. You might have seen me in the traffic zion facebook group. So far it has actually gotten me traffic from wordpress not alot but people are looking at my page which actually surprised me I didnt know if this product would work or not. But it has worked so far.

          What I did with traffic zion was put it on a vps and run it all the time.

          Hope this info helps you get traffic, That’s what I investigate the most is traffic products. Oh stay away from those bulk hits lifetime traffic I think what they do is run traffic bots and that does make your stats go up but its fake traffic you get zero sales.

          Be blessed,

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