Alan’s Traffic Trapper Review

I have been using traffic Trapper for several months now.

Traffic Trapper is a Word press plugin that gets you traffic from Pinterest to your WordPress site.

Pinterest is the leading social media site for online business. Honestly there are a lot of women doing business

on there but us men are not staying behind. I am proud to see women be successful actually I am happy to see

anyone succeed in life.


Back Traffic Trapper this wp plugin is great I have got very good results from it. Your probably wondering is it easy to use.

It is once you get the hang of it. The set is pretty simple if you follow Art Flairs video tutorials.

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Here are Art Flairs stats testing his system on a new account:


How Does It Work?

So the way this works is you sign up for picture or image websites.  Like pixabay , pixel, and other image websites.

Traffic Trapper pulls pictures related to your niche from those sites and post them on pinterest.


Once people start seeing activity on your page they start to follow you and then they start to click through your image

links. It does take some time you wont receive traffic the same day , at least I didn’t.

First off I didn’t have people following me,  so I built my pinterest than I build some boards and had Traffic Trapper

fill my boards with content.  Than I had to search for people in the search bar related to my niche and I would follow

people they would follow me. The ones that didnt follow me I unfollowed with a tool called pinfollow which is free.


Use Pinfollow Here. 


If you have a Pinterest board already with followers than your all set, youve already done the tedious work of getting followers.

This is my short  review on it.

Video On Traffic Trapper

Get Instant Access to Traffic Trapper

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