‘WP Master Developer’ Create Word Press Plugins

Easily Create WordPress Plugins, Add-ons and Themes

…and you don’t even have to sell them yourself – in the video tutorials we talk about the site where each popular WordPress plugin generates 200-2,000 sales per week.

Special upgrade of JavaScript Editor (codename: WP Master Developer)
turns it into #1 code editor for WordPress:

7 New Built-in Tools for Rapid WordPress Development

  1. Templates
  2. Intellisense
  3. Auto-complete
  4. Auto-popping WordPress Function Parameter Lists
  5. Ready-to-use Solutions
  6. Instant Help on Over 2500+ WordPress Functions
  7. Easy Project Reuse – Head Start for all your New Projects

Also: run WordPress on your own computer for even faster development, and syntax-check PHP and JavaScript code with a mouse-click.

Check out this demo:

 >>>Start Developing Your New Plugin Today<<<

ONLY WHILE THE SPECIAL IS ON – You get the following BONUS with the software:

Dr Alex’s award-winning video course: “Learn Programming: from Novice to JavaScript Guru in 2 Weeks

It’s a step-by-step guide with all the tools and resources you need to master all your web projects with ease and confidence.

On Udemy, people pay $50 to access this course, and there are over 1,300 students enrolled, with plenty of 5-star reviews.


This product is ideal for people who want at least one of the following:

  • Want an easy, hands-on way to learn programming
  • Want to make a living in the multi-billion dollar software industry
  • Want to create WordPress plugins that people need and buy
  • Want to do programming as a hobby
  • Want their web pages to stand way above the competition
  • Want to create stand-alone applications, components or libraries
  • Want to customize the way their Office and other top-level applications work


SPECIAL BONUS TUTORIAL: ‘Learning Recursion through JavaScript’

Once you’ve mastered RECURSION, you can call yourself the CODE NINJA🙂

Recursion occurs in the natural world too, and when it does we’re always a little puzzled by it – like when 2 mirrors are reflecting each other, or when the TV shows the image of the TV, which shows the image of the TV, which shows… you get the idea.

In the digital world, recursion is a powerful programming technique you can apply as a simple solution to the whole range of situations that would otherwise be difficult to solve. In a nutshell, the recursion occurs when the function calls itself, bringing you closer to the solution with each recursive call.

Unfortunately, of all the programming concepts recursion is perhaps the hardest to understand.

To assist you in mastering it fully, we have devised an adaptive tutoring system called ‘Learning Recursion through JavaScript‘. You learn at the pace best suited for you and the program ensures you receive the best quality instruction at all times.

…and when you master it, you’ll wonder how you could live before without recursion 🙂

WP Master Developer - Plugin Creator for WordPress

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