Alan’s Wormminer Review | Get 1 Mining Machine On Sign Up


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WormMiner Financial Technologies LLC was founded at the September of 2017.

WormMiner is an Bitcoin Mining and Investment Company. We have 300+ cryptocoin mining devices and we are looking for mining investors for our system. We aim to provide you with the easiest possible way to mining Bitcoin without having to do any of the hard stuff like building rig or buying high cost ASIC mining machines. With data centers in South Korea, we aim to keep bills down and mining power high, meaning you can make more in a shorter amount of time than what it would take to mine from your home for instance.

WormMiner offer 7 type of Mining Machine for produce Bitcoin.

1. Starter:
COST : 0.002 BTC
PRODUCE : 0.00365 BTC / a year

2. Elementary:
COST : 0.003 BTC
PRODUCE : 0.0073 BTC / a year

3. Intermediate:
COST : 0.007 BTC
PRODUCE : 0.014235 BTC / a year

4. Superior:
COST : 0.01 BTC
PRODUCE : 0.028835 BTC / a year

5. Booster:
COST : 0.08 BTC
PRODUCE : 0.190165 BTC / a year

6. Hyper:
COST : 0.21 BTC
PRODUCE : 0.40004 BTC / a year

7. Ouantum:
COST : 0.99 BTC
PRODUCE : 1.997645 BTC / a year

Join Now and Get 1 STARTER type of mining machine is FREE! 
You can withdraw when you have reached 0.003 BTC in a 1-2 business day.

2 thoughts on “Alan’s Wormminer Review | Get 1 Mining Machine On Sign Up”

    1. Are you sure? They pay every Friday they have pay outs. But wity the free machine it only lasted acouple of months, you dont make the minium withdraw. Thats what i found. But i purchased a machine and am getting my withdraw this Friday.

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